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Monthly set sale lists in Norwegian only.

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Electric Cleaning Land salgsliste.

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my world of vinyl and music

On these pages you 'll find stuff that I have and collect.

That's mainly seen on the Black Sabbath pages and in the Picture Sleeve Gallery.  

  • Black Sabbath is my main collection. And I put out new things, when I find something.

  • The Picture Sleeves Gallery I hope to  list lots more in the future

  • Platesamleren is a Norwegian Record Collector booklet issued once a year.

All the stuff  I put out for sale, are items I don't need anymore. I've  just run out of space. There are thousands of more in the attic, which I don't know when I get the time to list here. Likely, most of it will be listed on Discogs first.

If you have wants, feel free to drop me a line.It is not impossible that I can swap

against items which fit my collection better.

Click here to see what I have for sale on Discogs.

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