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Platesamleren is a A5 sized booklet in Norwegian. It's issued once a year. And is made by dedicated record collectors, for other record collectors. 

Through the years we have revealed and documented hundreds  upon hundres of unique scandinavian single releases. 

And then with an emphasis on what has been issued, with often very rare and seldom seen picture sleeves from the 60's and early 70's. That was the golden era, and lots of the stuff were issued in rather small quantities. In later years most singles were imported to Norway, Sweden and Denmark from Holland and Germany. So they are much more common.  

So far it hasn't been easy to find information about many of these on Internet,  even though we're talking about popular artists. So we think that we have been doing a kind of useful and  important job for other record collectors.   

In recent years, all the issues have been in colour. And usually around 100 to 120 pages. These special issues have come in a very limited edition. And the vast majority are sold out. However, there are some left of the newest releases which you see to the right here.


128 Forside.jpg

Platesamleren 128

Johnny Cash


Buck Owens

Chicken Shack

Blue Öyster Cult

Blood Sweat & Tears

124 pages - kr 160,- (€15) + shipping

127 forside (1).jpg

Platesamleren 127

The Kinks

The Kingsmen


Cilla Black

The Fireballs

The Band - Ronnie Hawkins

Plateselskapet MAI

Led Zeppelin - Sex Pistols - The Hollies

162 pages - kr 170,- (€17) + shipping

Platesamleren 126 forside.jpg

Platesamleren 126

Groundhogs - All singles worldwide

Johnny Rivers - All Scandinavian 7"

Stray - The most of the most

Four Tops - All Scandinavian issues.

Ivar Medaas - All issues

 +Øystein Sunde, Ronnie James Dio

138 pages - kr 150,- (€15) + shipping

125 Forside.jpg

Platesamleren 125

Plateselskapet Manu - All singles.

The Shadows - All Scandinavian issues.

Waye Fontana A& The Mindbenders - Music Explosion - All issues

+ The Beatles - The Hollies - Tommy James & The Shondells and more 

Totally 144 pages - Kr 150,- (€15)

Platesamleren 121 - Record collecting

Platesamleren 122

World wide Savoy Brown and Them 7" with PS. All Scandinavian7" by Tommy James & The Shondells and The Young Rascals/ Rascals.  Incredible Records, a small norwegian label.  Plus Hollies, Beach Boys, Monkees, T.Rex, Mountain

Led Zeppelin Japanese singles.

Totally 122 pages - Kr 120 ,- (€12)

Platesamleren 119 - Record collecting

Platesamleren 119

All scandinavian picture sleeves of:
Canned Heat  -  Simon & Garfunkel

Swinging Blue Jeans  -  The Zombies
+ Plateselskapet Experience,

Led Zeppelin german singles,

Frumpy, Traffic and more. 

120 pages - Kr 100,- (€10)

 only 2 left 

Platesamleren 118 - Record collecting

Platesamleren 118

All scandinavian picture sleeves of:
Status Quo  -  Sandie Shaw

Pretty Things  - Amen Corner

Bonzo Doo Dah Dog Band

+ The IceBeats (From Norway) LedZeppelin singles from Mexico.

120 pages - Kr 100,- (€10)

Platesamleren 116 - Record collecting

Platesamleren 116

World wide picture sleeves of:
Ten Years After  -  Ola & The Janglers

All Scandinavian picture sleeves of:
The Yardbirds
+  The Arrows (from Norway)

Norwegian flexi singles Part  1

100 pages - Kr 100,- (€10)

Platesamleren 115 - Record collecting

Platesamleren 115

All scandinavian picture sleeves of:
T.Rex  -  Donovan

Jimi Hendrix Experiene
The Overlanders
+ The Snapshots (from Norway)

 Led Zeppelin belgian picture sleeves, Pink Fairies and more. 

100 pages - Kr 100,- (€10)

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