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Mostly early Black Sabbath with Ozzy area pictures on front.

I will ad new items whenever I get the time, or find new ones in my own collection, or on the net.
No rules, no system. Just for the fun of it. First you'll find some fanziens. Enjoy!
Killing Yourself To Die was a fanzine which were issued between 1982 -  1987. The two first were made and issued by John Grandison, who lived in Scotland. From no.3 Neil Hansen from Denmark took over. It was planned to issue a ninth number, but it ended up with these eight (according to Paul Thaarup).  Small  A5 size and had around 20 to 40 pages
Their Satanic Majesties Return were a french fanzine written in english. It was made and issued by Fabrice Dubit. (Anybody who knows what happend to him?)  Which also issued a few great books for us collectors in the '80s. (Planned to include those later). I'm not sure, but think these nine, were the ones that were issued. The first in 1985, and the last in 1988. Also this one is A5 size. 
Black Sabbath Appreciation Society first issue came out in 1989, and number five in 1990. If that's the last one, I don't know. I payed for more issues without getting any. Neither a refund, nor any answer from Pete Sarfas, who was the man behind this well made A4 sized fanzine. In english, issued in UK.


No.280 - 2002 
No.473 - 2017
No.314 - 2005 
No.240 - 1999
No.412 - 2013 
Kerrang No.35 - 1983
No.450 - 2016
Kerrang No.40 - 1984
Kerrang No.50 - 1983
Classic Rock No.106
Kerrang No.1654 -2017
Classic Rock No.207
Mojo June 2013
Classic Rock No.224
Mojo February 2017
Classic Rock May 2011
Shindig - No.74 - 2017
Classic Rock No.186
The History of Rock
Rock On - No.4 - 1978
Metal Hammer #277
came in this envelope
Classic Rock May 2011
Uncut Special 2018
Sounds Sept. 1972
Sounds March 1973
Disc May 1971
Sounds October 1978
Melody Maker
New Musical Express
Oct.25 - 1975


Nr.190 - May 2017
Metal Hammer 03.2009
Eclipsed No.143
Rock Hard Oct.2017
Good Times 6/2009
Rock Hard #297
Metal Hammer 01.2000
Rocks Nr.47 2015
Break Out  Dec.1999


Creem  June '72
Scene July '75
Discoveries #97 - 1996
Goldmine #622 - 2004


Classic Rock 7-8 2007


Puls Nr.14  - 1995

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