Fake Black Sabbath stuff on vinyl.

I guess I'm not the only one who have registered all the fake promo issues and picture sleeves coming from Mexico and Israel the last years. Not only with Sabbath stuff, but also with lots of other artist. There are someone who make fake sleeves, house a regular issues, eventually with a sticker, and calls it a radio promo.  Made by radio stations.? Hello! Radio stations never made records, they got it from the record companies. So these are crap and useless items. 

Also from Irael there have been listed several picture Discs as Promo issues. These are just simply fake bootlegs, And more and more are coming. SO BEWARE!

Fake sleeve sold with regular issue.

Fake issue with regular issue. And here a fake label is glued over the original one.

Fake - Technical Ecstasy / Dirty Women -  12" Promo Mexico LP

Sold by a seller in Israel

Advertised as a Mexican promo sleeve.

Fake 12" picture disc from Israel

Another fake 12" picture disc from Israel.

And a third fake 12" picture disc from Israel. This one with Evil Woman

Homemade sleeve sold with a regular Portoguese issue

This is a selfmade sleeve, tried to sell on Ebay , together with a single form Philipnes.

Last update 12.01.2021

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